The Word "No"


Hi friend! Happy #SelfLoveSaturday!

I have a question. How many times have you heard the word no? How many times has that word stopped you from following a dream or stopped you from doing something?

I can honestly say, it's happened to me a lot. But, I won't let it stop me from trying. I've been told no a lot. And that is okay.

When I was in 7th grade trying out to be the color guard captain for y 8th grade year, someone told me I wouldn't be a good captain and I shouldn't try out. Well, I made a fantastic co-captain.

When I was told not to move to Nashville, I went. And I'm doing great, I have a job that I love, I'm using this time to write, and learn who I am. I am loving it. 

But, the word no, is hard. We hear we can't do it, we shouldn't do it, and it's hard. But, when you hear no, tell yourself yes. Challenge that no with your yes. 

Follow your dreams. Don't let someone's no get in the way of your yes. 

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Spend Time With You


Hi Friend! Happy #SelfLoveSaturday!

Today I want to remind you how important it is to spend time with yourself. Do what you love. 

Spending dys working and being friends with people and never just doing what you love can cause you a lot of stress. You never get time to yourself and you never get to do wht you want to do.

So, on your day off from work or school this week, I challenge you to spend time with you. Not your phone, but you. 

I want to tell you what is going on in my life right now, I got a new job and the shifts are 12 hours long. It's tiring. And sometimes I want to write on my days off, it's what I moved to Nashville to do! But, I want to do it as a job. And sometimes I need a break. That's why I take hikes and I just got a gym pass, to really get in tune with myself. 

So, get outside. Read some books. Relax. Release your stress in a healthy way. I believe in you and I am praying for you. 

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National Suicide Prevention Day // 2017


Hi Friend! Happy #SelfLoveSaturday and National Suicide Prevention Day Eve!

Tomorrow is very important to me, as most of you who follow my blog know, I have struggled with suicide thoughts. Suicide is a big thing and it is causing so many deaths today. I want you all to know how important and valued you are. I am always here for you. Your family is always here for you. Your friends are always here for you. 

Here are some reminders for you all,

1. You are loved. You are. Never think for a moment you are not loved. Someone died for you. 

2. You are going to do something amazing. You are going somewhere. Never think for a moment you won't do something amazing. Because you will.

3. Your stress, your anxiety, your depression, doesn't measure up to how many people love you.

4. The person who was mean to you, doesn't measure up to how many people think you're beautiful and adore you.

5. God loves you and has such big plans for you.


I hope you know how loved you are. I can't tell you enough.

And I am in love with To Write Love On Her Arms, so

I was made to be a servant of Christ and follow Him. I was also made to create PlayOnInfinity in hopes to encourage and love other people who struggle. I was also made to be a daughter, sister, granddaughter, and friend. I was made to change the world and make it a better place. What were you made for?

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What Are You Running Too?


Happy #SelfLoveSaturday friends! 

Let me ask you a question. A question that might sting. It might make you think. What if what you are running to, to make you feel a little better, is what is hurting you?

What is it? What are you running too?

Can I let you in on a secret?

The thing that I ran too? Being alone. Isolating myself.

Locking myself in my room to cry and look at instagram or porn all night. And that right there is the truth. 


And let me say this, being alone isn't a bad thing. But, I loved being alone when my depression and anxiety were at its highs. So, when I left my room, I was fake. I had to be happy. I felt like I could only be sad alone. Being alone was my safe place. When, in reality I had so many believers around me that would have helped me, including my parents.

So, where is your 'safe place.' And is it really a safe place. 

Is it drugs? Because, the high does come down. Is it porn? Is it sex? Is it realtionships? What is it. Be honest with yourself. Is the thing you are trying to make yourself happy with, is that the thing that is actually killing you? 

Make Jesus your hiding place. Make Jesus your safe place. Run to Jesus.

Right now, decide. Will you pray instead of doing drugs? Will you open your Bible instead of opening instagram? Jesus deserves more attention. Jesus wants to help us, not kill us. And sometimes, if we told the truth, we think He is going to hurt us. When the reality is, He just wants to love us. 

Friends, where ever your hiding place is. What ever you are running too, turn around. God's arms are wide open, waiting for you. 

"What you run too could run you." -Pastor Steven Furtick.

Friends, I pray for you today. I pray you see the beauty in yourself and instead of hurting yourself you start making a beautiful change and run to Jesus. Your life may be changed, but what is better. Killing your life with addictions, or giving your life away to have a new life? 

Jesus loves you and He only wants to give you new life through Him.

Show yourself some love today, run to Jesus. 

"Deliver me, O Lord, from my enemies. In You I take shelter." Psalm 143:9

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Be You. Stand Up For You.

So, I wasn't planning on having a #SelfLoveSaturday up. But, I needed to write this.

First, I do want to mention, I am not a feminist, I just believe in certain things that they stand for are wrong. I am a women but, I am a believer in Christ first. So, I want to say that this is coming from the heart. Second, I have never been raped or touched inappropriately and my heart goes out to anyone who has. These are things that have happened to me and I'm tired of hearing it's the victims fault because of what she/he was wearing or doing.

So. Here it goes.

In high school, I did not like my body, I would do anything to cover it up. Dress that goes to my knees? Leggings. Tight shirt? Oh no. Shorts that go above my knee? Nope! But, guess what? I still got cat called by boys. It still happens. I wore cowgirl boots to school, I got cat called. Basically feeling, I can not be myself without feeling wrong because I am making someone fall into sin by looking at me. 

In high school, in an english class, a boy put his arms around me, touched my leg, and pulled out condoms. I never said a word, because I was already ashamed of who I was as a person. But, I did not have too.

Taylor Swift had someone grab her butt in a meet and greet and he lost his job. No, I don't know the whole story and I'm not here to tell it. But, I saw a lot of things saying she deserved it because of the things she wears. Well, she was wearing a dress when it happened that looked very modest. 

But, I do have news for you all who thinks girls who wear shorts, crop tops, dresses, or anything that is not a t-shirt and jeans isn't modest, that's all there is at stores. Unless, we want something that is going to make us look like we are wearing something that is twice our size, we can't help it. I can say, I do wear crop tops and I try to make it look modest. But, I am not in high school anymore and I do have the confidence I didn't have back then. I do wear tank tops when it's hot and high waisted shorts. I do own dresses that are above my knee when I wear them, and that's okay. My style is my own and I shouldn't have to be afraid to walk out of my home without a pepper spray. Or afraid that I will be cat called.

But, it happens. And it's not because of what I wear. It's not because when guys look at me they think I'm asking for it. 

Like I said in a few blogs before this, sex is a gift from God, but we abuse it. All of us. And some people rape others and look at others to get whatever they need. We all have sin. It's a fact. We have a sinful nature. But, do not blame what the victom wears, because it's not our fault.

We were not asking for it because we wore a crop top and shorts because it's really hot outside. 

By the way, a few months ago when I was followed at the park, I was wearing a sweatshirt and sweats. It happens. And it's scary.

"But why do you judge your brother? Or why

do you show contempt for your brother? For

we shall all stand before the judgement seat of


Romans 14:10

Side note: there is enough grace for everyone. But, I do believe you should not judge any of these situations unless you know the persons heart and actions. It is not up to you to say who's fault it was. God knows. 

For anyone who read this and has had something happen to them and was told it was your fault, it wasn't. Continue being who you are. Chase Jesus. Chase freedom. And continue to love exactly who you are, because that is who Jesus loves. He died for who you are, He just wants to see you continue to grow in Him.

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God Is So In Love With You

Hi Friend!

Happy, #SelfLoveSaturday!

This past week on the radio I was reminded of just how much God loves us. 

"If you are here in this world, God loves you. You were created so that God can love you." Think about that.

Everything God created has a meaning. Everything He created has a purpose. He didn't create us because He got bored. He could have created anything, but He created a world for us to live in and He created us. I honestly can not wrap my head around it. God created us for His love.

He created the trees for shade. Animals for just, a part of our joy. Food so we can eat. And people, so we might be able to experience the love He has for us. Isn't that crazy?

You are so loved, friend. So loved. 

I pray for you today that you understand just how much God loves you. Stop using hateful words towards you, when the God of the universe loves you. 

"And the scripture was fullfilled that says,

"Abraham believed God, and it was created to

Him as righteousness," and he was called

God's friend."

James 2:23

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Think About Where You Are

Hi friend! Happy #SelfLoveSaturday!

So, I was thinking the other day. I have become so far in the past year.

I'm stronger. I moved across the country. I am so strong in my faith. I have great friends. And I am not so focused on my anxiety.

So, maybe that's not your story. But, I want you to think about this for a second. You are so different from a year ago. Maybe you think you have gotten worse. Or, maybe you're like me and you have gotten so much better. But, either way, you are so different than you were a year ago.

For those people who think they have gotten worse, this is for you:

Thank you for fighting for your happiness. Thank you for staying strong. Thank you for your presence here on earth. I get so much courage from people like you who continue to fight. You are so strong and I can not tell you that enough. You are one of the strongest people out there. I know it's rough, but I pray for you today, that you continue your fight. Jesus is fighting for you. I am fighting for you. You have so much love and light in you. Let the world know. 

For those of you who are so much stronger than you were a year ago:

Don't think about your past self. Think about who you are now. Sometimes I get so cought up in who I was last year I forget how much I have changed. I forget how much God used that to shape who I am today. Don't sit in the thought of how you were a yer ago. Just let that be and celebrate how you have changed. Because you are beautiful, my friend. And that hurt from last year, brought you to this point. So, celebrate your change today. Be happy.

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22. I'm 22. 

Yesterday was my birthdy and I am writing this at 10:09pm on my birthday, I tell you this because it's going to tie into this post. 22 things I do to love myself. Because, can I be honest? In high school I did not want to be alive, but here I am. Actually loving life. And that's crazy to me.

Annnnnyways, let's do this.

1. Complements. Always give yourself complements. Hey. you're funny. Hey, you got a great smile. (you are. you do.)

2. Give me some time. Do things by yourself, for yourself. 

3. It's okay to cry. Don't tell yourself not to cry. It's okay.

4. Workout. 

5. Eating healthy.... Even thought, I may be stuffing my face with ice cream right now.

6. Make goals. And stick to them.

7. Working hard. Don't be lazy.

8. Going to sleep early. (Be a grandma, it's okay!)

9. Worship. Always. 

10. Notes. Write yourself notes to read. Make them love letters. Make them reminders. Make them for you.

11. Hang out with friends. Hang out with your people. They love you and they care for you.

12. Only let yourself stress for like... ten minutes. 

13. Pray. Prayer works always. 

14. Treat yourself. You want flowers? Treat yourself. You want that cute dress that will look so good on you? Treat yourself.

15. Writing. My writing helps me follow my dreams and it keeps me going.

16. Being creative. Something my writing does, but it could clearly be anything.

17. Fun adventures.

18. Being a dare devil. My version. Nose piercings. Dying my hair. Tattoos. Not anything too crrrrazy.

19. Laughing. Laugh always. Whenever you can.

20. My likes. Doing what I like and reminding myself, I am who I am. And that is cool. 

21. Making someone else's day. Give a homeless man money. Make a joke... Or in my case, don't because it would not make someone laugh.... 

22. Spend a day for me. Only me. That's what I did on my birthday. I don't know many people in Nashville yet, so I spent my birthday alone. I was out all day, which wasn't my originsl plan. My plan was to be back around 5pm so I can write. But, it didn't happen. But, I can't tell you how good it was. I was so happy. And now I am just sitting here thinking of how good it was. Do things for you. 

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Stop That.

Hi Friends! Happy #SelfLoveSaturday!



Stop looking at Instagram questioning your beauty. Stop scrolling on Twitter questiong if you're as funny. Stop comparing yourself to other people.

That is what the devil wants us to think.

"I'll never be as pretty as her."

"What their doing for God is way cooler."

"God should use them, not me."

I can't tell you how many times these thoughts crossed my mind. But, you are you. And God adores you. And He has called you to something. Maybe it's not traveling across the country to serve Him like the girl on Instagram, but it's something you won't believe. 

I know it's hard to understand that this is true, because the devil is so good at being evil. Butm Christ is good at loving. He is good at reminding us of His love. He continues to wake us up and put us in a situation where we can share Him.

You are not just a girl, you are a warrior. And you are just as important as the girl on Instagram. 

Everyone is beautiful. You are beutiful.

God is working thorugh everyone. He is working through you. 

Pinky Promise.

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You Are Stronger Than Strong

Happy #SelfLoveSaturday, Friends!

So, I have a question.

Who out there ignores the compliment, "You are so strong." 

Me. I do. Yup.

But, I do think those people who have gone through so much, depression, anxiety, a loss of a child, bad break ups, bullying, any kind of addiction, family problems, rellay if you've gone through the worst of life and are still here moving and trying to stay alive, you are strong. That's it. You are strong.

And I know, maybe you feel weak because of all the hurt you feel, but you are one of the strongest. No buts, ands, or ors. You are strong.

"But, I, I cried this morning." You're still strong.

Pinky Promise.

Did you know that the God of the universe, who sent His Son to die for us and He rose again, that lives inside of us. So, you aren't just strong. You are stronger than strong. You have everything you need to keep going. You have everything you need to stay strong. You have everything you need to play on.

You have God. 

Let Him be your strength.

Love that you are strong and know it's okay to be weak, because God is our strength.

"The Lord God is my strength..." Habkkuk 3:19 

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You are His, and He is love

Happy #SelfLoveSaturday friends!

Today I want to remind you how amazing it feels to reminded that you are His. I have been reading 1st John lately, and I've been getting a lot of little reminders lately. 

Because sometimes, we just need to be reminded, we are His. You are His child. His son. His daughter. He chooses you over and over again. And guess what? 

God is love.

You belong to the Man who sent His son down for you and He is love. You belong to the Man who not only created love, but is love. I can't even describe how much that means to me. 

I am very sure of this, that the God of love hates seeing you put yourself down. He hates seeing you hurt yourself. He hates seeing you in pain over someone who has no right to hurt you. He hates seeing you not eat your food. He hates seeing you find other outlets other than just going to Him.

Friends, you belong to the Man who created love.

Please, remember that the next time you say something about you that isn't true. 

Please stay strong. Please know you are loved. Not only by me, but by God, who not only created love but is love. 

You are from God, little children, and you have conquered them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. // 1 John 4:4


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Happy #SelfLoveSaturday Friends!

Today, I want to remind you of something.

Just a little something.

So, when you are getting ready this morning and you look in the mirror you remember this.

You are precious. 

I know what you are thinking, I mean just five years ago, if I heard that, here's what I would say:

"Me? This fat girl? This girl who is not good enough to be a girlfriend? This girl who is passing high school with D's? You think I'm precious? Do you have glasses?

I know it's hard to believe sometimes, but you are.

You look at the sky. You look at the flowers. Do you see ugly? 

Or do you see beautiful?

The same God who made the sky and the flowers, He made you too. He knew that you were going to do something amazing. He has your story planned out. He's written it and He is ready for you to live it.

He adores you. You are His precious child. He didn't want Heaven without His precious children, so He brought it down, so that we might be free.

Someone died for you. Someone wants to spend time with you. Someone loves you. 

You are precious. 

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Mother's Day

Happy #SelfLoveSaturday sweet friends.

Today I will be talking about your mother.

And before I start this, I know every family is different. So, if you're mom isn't your mom, or there is a situation with it, think of someone. Someone who is always there for you, grandparent, or if it's an older sibling, friend, best friend, a role model. Think of your second mom. 

Your mom adores you.

She wants nothing but the best for you. Which is why she cares so much to know who you're going out with nd where.

She texts you because she wants to know you're safe.

She gets excited about what you do.

She wants to protect you.

Your mom loves you.

There are some things that mom's do that annoy us, but  they only want the best for us.

She hates to see you hurt.

She hates to see the scars on you wrist or you pushing away your food.

She hates to see you sad.

She wishes she could help.

She wants you to talk to her. Talk to her. 

Tomorrow, who ever your mom is, make her feel loved. She deserves the world. So, do you. We are hating ourselves, when we have a reminder that someone, our mother, loves us so much. 

I pray today for those who have lost their mother. I pray today for those who have a mother, but they don't talk to them. I pray for those who have mothers who don't care. You are all so loved. You are all so loved by a forgiving Father who gives out grace everyday. You are loved. 

You Are Free

Happy #SelfLoveSaturday friends,

This is our last of the little Easter series. And I just want to remind you all that remembering Jesus' death should not happen once a year. Make that once a day. That is what makes us free. Nothing else. Jesus makes us free.

We are free to love ourselves, because Christ died for us.

We are free to be ourselves because Christ died for us.

We are free to have relationships and friendshipd because Christ died for us.

We are free to be who God wants us to be because Christ died for us.

I know all of this seems crazy because, that girl over there? God loves her more because she's perfect. News flash. She's not. We are not perfect. Not one person is perfect. Only Jesus. Only God. And God knows that.

That's why He sent Jesus. He knows we are not perfect. Yet, He still loves us. And He makes us free.

Live in freedom today. Live in freedom always. You are loved. Live loved.


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The Saturday Before Easter

Happy #SelfLoveSaturday friends. 

You probably just had a Good Friday service at church last night.

Or you didn't, but it was on your mind all day.

Jesus' death.

The death that was meant for me and you. 

Let me tell you what I feel right now. I feel loved. Jesus came down to this earth for one thing. To die for us. To show us His Father's love. He gave up His life, because He chooses us. We put orselves down daily, because "no one chooses us," but the living savior, He died to tell us He chooses us. He chooses us over and over and over again. 

Right now, you may be feeling a little hpeless. Just like 2000 years ago when the disciples did. They felt hopeless, because they thought Jesus left them. How many times do we cry out to God because we think He left us? I can't even count how many times I did it.

But, yes this Saturday might be sad. But, Sunday is coming. He is alive. And He is here.

He chooses to be with you. He chooses to love you. He chooses to never leave you.

The fact is, He doesn't have to do any of that, but He chooses to. Because, He chooses us.

Yes, Jesus' death was sad. But, He died for you. And He is alive and with you right now.

So, celebrate. Love yourself today because Jesus chooses us daily. Let us choose Him.


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God Sent His Son

Happy #SelfLoveSaturday! We are continuing with the Easter series and today I went to bring up God's jealously.

I have personally been reading a lot of the Old Testament and let me tell you, if you ever want to read any of the Old Testament, be ready. I have been so thankful lately that Gosd sent Jesus down to die for us because He loves us.

We always leve God's side, because well, we aren't perfect. None of us. So, if you are someone that keep telling yourself, 'I'm not perfect,' it's okay, none of us are. But, God is jealous of everything that has our attention when our attention could be on Him, and the way He showed His jealously in the Old Testament, that is scary. Which is where, 'fearing God' comes in. God is powerful and He can do anything.

But, here's the thing, He is a loving God. He literally sent down His Son to die for us because He loves us. He sent down His Son to show He wanted our attention. The New Testament changed everything. We live in a world where God loves us. Where He forgives us. He wants us. He wants our attention. And He deserves it.

He's trying to speak to us. He's trying to show us His love. He is trying to take us home to Heaven one day. He wants us in Heaven.

He wants us in Heaven. He wants His beautiful creation in Heaven. And He allowed that to happen when He sent Jesus down to die for us. He bled. He bruised. He hung on a cross for us.

We should love ourselves because God sent His only Son to die for His creation so they can see His love.

Remember that.


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