Be Your Own Valentine

The month of February for Self Love Saturday I decided to focus on the fact of not having a Valentine is okay, even it may be hard looking on Instagram at all the couple pictures and you want to throw up looking at all the 'cuteness.' Today I want to bring up, dating yourself is a good thing.


Last Valentines Day, I had a Valentine, but I can't tell you how excited I am to treat myself this Valentines Day. I mean, I'm pretty positive I'll be working Taco Tuesday where I work on Valentines Day, but I'm excited. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's great when you have a Valentine. But, until it's with your person you'll be spending with the rest of your life, it's not much. It's more stressful than anything.

But, that's not the point of this blog. Let me tell you three good things why it's a good idea to date yourself.

-You get to learn about what you like and what you enjoy doing. This is so important. I believe that I never knew who I was until I was single again and I needed to spend time with myself and God. And I've only had one relationship, and I'm just getting to this point of knowing myself. It is a beautiful thing.

-Treating Yourself. Yes, it is fun to treat other people. But, it is so much fun to leave the stress for a moment and treat yourself. Get your hair done, go eat Chick-Fil-A (or the food place of your choice), get your nails done, go buy yourself some chocolate, work out, read your favorite book, I could go on, but you get the point.

-Better Yourself. I have been getting to better myself because I decided to focus on myself and God. It is such a beautiful thing getting to know yourself and treating yourself because in the end you will be more confident and appreciate who you are.

Before you have a Valentine, be your Valentine. Learn to love yourself before finding a love. You are beautiful inside and out.

If you need a little help to what to do to treat yourself on Valentines Day, here's how mine will probably go:

I'll probably work, but luckily Chick-Fil-A is right nearby! I'll go home and read my Bible, because I may not have a Valentine, but God is the greatest love of all time. Lastly, I will be enjoying chocolate covered strawberries, because it is a tradition that me and my mom always do. Enjoy your Valentines Day.

Love Yourself. Have a good Self Love Saturday.