"So you don't have a Valentine..."

The first Self Love Saturday of every month I ask people a question and I get them all together, so it's not just me telling everyone to love themselves. Today, I asked people to finish the sentence, "So you don't have a Valentine..." What did everyone say?

"...but your life is so much more than a Valentine." -IG: cierra_sue

"...you have got your friends and family. Spend time with A different kind of love, see a movie with some friends, eat dinner at the local diner with a handful of family, whatever you do, love is love, and Valentine's Day is there to represent it. You don't need to be in a romantic relationship to enjoy Valentine's Day. # LOVEISLOVE." -IG: shacourage

"...Buy yourself chocolate and a giant stuffed bear." -IG: heather.elyseee

"...and that is perfectly okay. Loving yourself is more important than any relationship you will have. You must want to spend the rest of your life with yourself first. Love yourself and the rest will come." -IG: coy.akers

"...so what? You have the love of your friends, your family & yourself - that’s all that matters." -IG: 5301janine_dac

"...spend time with yourself. Get to know you. Go somewhere you enjoy and enjoy life. You deserve to be happy. Be happy." -Me! IG: playoninfinity

Remember, just because you don't have a Valentine, it does not mean you are not loved. Because you are so loved. Your family, friends, God, and so many people around you love you so much. You are important and you should love yourselves.