Let God In

Happy #SelfLoveSaturday friends! 

So, usually the last Saturday of every month, I ask for questions and I answer the few I get. But, this month I did not try very hard to get any because, I had a question. 

I feel called to reach out to people who struggle with deression, anxiety, or any kind of mental illness, because sometimes it feels like it just takes control and you have know idea how to help it. I've been there. And lately God has been teaching me lately, that the only way He can heal us, is if He sits there with me. 

So, how do we invite God to sit in our brokenness? 

And sadly, I on't have an answer, but I have a prayer. Use it if you need too.


Thank You for being mighty and strong. Thank You for forgiving me and giving me all the grace and hope I need to press forward.

I am here today, not doing so well. My head hurts and I am so tired. I ask You to teach me to come to You. Teach me to trust You, trust that You can heal me. You can move mountains, why can't I trust You?

Teach me to see Your greatness, all that You are, Lord.

Teach me to go to Your word. Your word has everything I need to survive. It has Your truth, love, guidence, and hope. Please help me go to Your word before all else. 

Jesus, move me to places I have never been. Help me to understand that You can heal this broken mess I have gotten myself into. Please help me to ask You to sit with me. Sit with me and calm my anxiety. Sit with me and catch every tear that falls at 3 a.m. You are my everything, Lord.

My depression may sneek in. My anxiety may be racing. But, my God, You will never fail. Your will be done. Please continue to love me and give me grace. You are good Father, so good. Let me be reminded of that daily.