So, it's March! And the first Saturday in March. It feels like this year is going as fast as it can. I just want time to slow down, but wouldn't we all?

Anyways, the first Self Love Saturday is a day I put down the pen and let all of you inspire people. Today I asked a couple of people Why are you lucky/blessed, because we all know that very green holiday coming up. You know, if you don't wear green, you get pinched! Yeah, no thank you. But, if you wear green, you'll be lucky? Yeah, no. Feeling lucky/blessed comes with all that you have, even if it's not much, you have something and that is a beautiful thing. You have people in your life who love you and care for you. That's a pretty big blessing right there.

But, anyways, let's get into this.

"So, I've recently been blessed with the opportunity to find inner peace with meditation. I believe that we all encounter people and moments in life to learn, grow, and inspire them. I thank God that I have found a group of people who care and uplift me to be the best of me possible. My family, friends, and acquaintances have all been apart of me, so with that I am blessed to be an inspiration through the life that I have so far endured. As well, I thank God for my mind, body, and spirit for they have supported me to where I am today."


"I have the most amazing family and friends and I got to meet my favorite person ever, Carrie Underwood."


"We are blessed to be apart of so many women's self-love journeys!"


"I'm blessed because I have amazing friends and family and a good education."


"I am so lucky/blessed that I have such amazing friends and family surrounding me. I have crazy dreams, but I have friends who continue to support me by loving and praying for me. And of course, I am so blessed to have a Savior who continues to forgive me daily, because I am a hot mess daily. I love the way He loves me and I so want to love people and Him the way He loves me."

Why are you lucky/blessed?