The Saturday Before Easter

Happy #SelfLoveSaturday friends. 

You probably just had a Good Friday service at church last night.

Or you didn't, but it was on your mind all day.

Jesus' death.

The death that was meant for me and you. 

Let me tell you what I feel right now. I feel loved. Jesus came down to this earth for one thing. To die for us. To show us His Father's love. He gave up His life, because He chooses us. We put orselves down daily, because "no one chooses us," but the living savior, He died to tell us He chooses us. He chooses us over and over and over again. 

Right now, you may be feeling a little hpeless. Just like 2000 years ago when the disciples did. They felt hopeless, because they thought Jesus left them. How many times do we cry out to God because we think He left us? I can't even count how many times I did it.

But, yes this Saturday might be sad. But, Sunday is coming. He is alive. And He is here.

He chooses to be with you. He chooses to love you. He chooses to never leave you.

The fact is, He doesn't have to do any of that, but He chooses to. Because, He chooses us.

Yes, Jesus' death was sad. But, He died for you. And He is alive and with you right now.

So, celebrate. Love yourself today because Jesus chooses us daily. Let us choose Him.


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