God Sent His Son

Happy #SelfLoveSaturday! We are continuing with the Easter series and today I went to bring up God's jealously.

I have personally been reading a lot of the Old Testament and let me tell you, if you ever want to read any of the Old Testament, be ready. I have been so thankful lately that Gosd sent Jesus down to die for us because He loves us.

We always leve God's side, because well, we aren't perfect. None of us. So, if you are someone that keep telling yourself, 'I'm not perfect,' it's okay, none of us are. But, God is jealous of everything that has our attention when our attention could be on Him, and the way He showed His jealously in the Old Testament, that is scary. Which is where, 'fearing God' comes in. God is powerful and He can do anything.

But, here's the thing, He is a loving God. He literally sent down His Son to die for us because He loves us. He sent down His Son to show He wanted our attention. The New Testament changed everything. We live in a world where God loves us. Where He forgives us. He wants us. He wants our attention. And He deserves it.

He's trying to speak to us. He's trying to show us His love. He is trying to take us home to Heaven one day. He wants us in Heaven.

He wants us in Heaven. He wants His beautiful creation in Heaven. And He allowed that to happen when He sent Jesus down to die for us. He bled. He bruised. He hung on a cross for us.

We should love ourselves because God sent His only Son to die for His creation so they can see His love.

Remember that.


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