Mother's Day

Happy #SelfLoveSaturday sweet friends.

Today I will be talking about your mother.

And before I start this, I know every family is different. So, if you're mom isn't your mom, or there is a situation with it, think of someone. Someone who is always there for you, grandparent, or if it's an older sibling, friend, best friend, a role model. Think of your second mom. 

Your mom adores you.

She wants nothing but the best for you. Which is why she cares so much to know who you're going out with nd where.

She texts you because she wants to know you're safe.

She gets excited about what you do.

She wants to protect you.

Your mom loves you.

There are some things that mom's do that annoy us, but  they only want the best for us.

She hates to see you hurt.

She hates to see the scars on you wrist or you pushing away your food.

She hates to see you sad.

She wishes she could help.

She wants you to talk to her. Talk to her. 

Tomorrow, who ever your mom is, make her feel loved. She deserves the world. So, do you. We are hating ourselves, when we have a reminder that someone, our mother, loves us so much. 

I pray today for those who have lost their mother. I pray today for those who have a mother, but they don't talk to them. I pray for those who have mothers who don't care. You are all so loved. You are all so loved by a forgiving Father who gives out grace everyday. You are loved.