Happy #SelfLoveSaturday Friends!

Today, I want to remind you of something.

Just a little something.

So, when you are getting ready this morning and you look in the mirror you remember this.

You are precious. 

I know what you are thinking, I mean just five years ago, if I heard that, here's what I would say:

"Me? This fat girl? This girl who is not good enough to be a girlfriend? This girl who is passing high school with D's? You think I'm precious? Do you have glasses?

I know it's hard to believe sometimes, but you are.

You look at the sky. You look at the flowers. Do you see ugly? 

Or do you see beautiful?

The same God who made the sky and the flowers, He made you too. He knew that you were going to do something amazing. He has your story planned out. He's written it and He is ready for you to live it.

He adores you. You are His precious child. He didn't want Heaven without His precious children, so He brought it down, so that we might be free.

Someone died for you. Someone wants to spend time with you. Someone loves you. 

You are precious. 

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