Stop That.

Hi Friends! Happy #SelfLoveSaturday!



Stop looking at Instagram questioning your beauty. Stop scrolling on Twitter questiong if you're as funny. Stop comparing yourself to other people.

That is what the devil wants us to think.

"I'll never be as pretty as her."

"What their doing for God is way cooler."

"God should use them, not me."

I can't tell you how many times these thoughts crossed my mind. But, you are you. And God adores you. And He has called you to something. Maybe it's not traveling across the country to serve Him like the girl on Instagram, but it's something you won't believe. 

I know it's hard to understand that this is true, because the devil is so good at being evil. Butm Christ is good at loving. He is good at reminding us of His love. He continues to wake us up and put us in a situation where we can share Him.

You are not just a girl, you are a warrior. And you are just as important as the girl on Instagram. 

Everyone is beautiful. You are beutiful.

God is working thorugh everyone. He is working through you. 

Pinky Promise.

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