22. I'm 22. 

Yesterday was my birthdy and I am writing this at 10:09pm on my birthday, I tell you this because it's going to tie into this post. 22 things I do to love myself. Because, can I be honest? In high school I did not want to be alive, but here I am. Actually loving life. And that's crazy to me.

Annnnnyways, let's do this.

1. Complements. Always give yourself complements. Hey. you're funny. Hey, you got a great smile. (you are. you do.)

2. Give me some time. Do things by yourself, for yourself. 

3. It's okay to cry. Don't tell yourself not to cry. It's okay.

4. Workout. 

5. Eating healthy.... Even thought, I may be stuffing my face with ice cream right now.

6. Make goals. And stick to them.

7. Working hard. Don't be lazy.

8. Going to sleep early. (Be a grandma, it's okay!)

9. Worship. Always. 

10. Notes. Write yourself notes to read. Make them love letters. Make them reminders. Make them for you.

11. Hang out with friends. Hang out with your people. They love you and they care for you.

12. Only let yourself stress for like... ten minutes. 

13. Pray. Prayer works always. 

14. Treat yourself. You want flowers? Treat yourself. You want that cute dress that will look so good on you? Treat yourself.

15. Writing. My writing helps me follow my dreams and it keeps me going.

16. Being creative. Something my writing does, but it could clearly be anything.

17. Fun adventures.

18. Being a dare devil. My version. Nose piercings. Dying my hair. Tattoos. Not anything too crrrrazy.

19. Laughing. Laugh always. Whenever you can.

20. My likes. Doing what I like and reminding myself, I am who I am. And that is cool. 

21. Making someone else's day. Give a homeless man money. Make a joke... Or in my case, don't because it would not make someone laugh.... 

22. Spend a day for me. Only me. That's what I did on my birthday. I don't know many people in Nashville yet, so I spent my birthday alone. I was out all day, which wasn't my originsl plan. My plan was to be back around 5pm so I can write. But, it didn't happen. But, I can't tell you how good it was. I was so happy. And now I am just sitting here thinking of how good it was. Do things for you. 

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