Think About Where You Are

Hi friend! Happy #SelfLoveSaturday!

So, I was thinking the other day. I have become so far in the past year.

I'm stronger. I moved across the country. I am so strong in my faith. I have great friends. And I am not so focused on my anxiety.

So, maybe that's not your story. But, I want you to think about this for a second. You are so different from a year ago. Maybe you think you have gotten worse. Or, maybe you're like me and you have gotten so much better. But, either way, you are so different than you were a year ago.

For those people who think they have gotten worse, this is for you:

Thank you for fighting for your happiness. Thank you for staying strong. Thank you for your presence here on earth. I get so much courage from people like you who continue to fight. You are so strong and I can not tell you that enough. You are one of the strongest people out there. I know it's rough, but I pray for you today, that you continue your fight. Jesus is fighting for you. I am fighting for you. You have so much love and light in you. Let the world know. 

For those of you who are so much stronger than you were a year ago:

Don't think about your past self. Think about who you are now. Sometimes I get so cought up in who I was last year I forget how much I have changed. I forget how much God used that to shape who I am today. Don't sit in the thought of how you were a yer ago. Just let that be and celebrate how you have changed. Because you are beautiful, my friend. And that hurt from last year, brought you to this point. So, celebrate your change today. Be happy.

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