You Are Stronger Than Strong

Happy #SelfLoveSaturday, Friends!

So, I have a question.

Who out there ignores the compliment, "You are so strong." 

Me. I do. Yup.

But, I do think those people who have gone through so much, depression, anxiety, a loss of a child, bad break ups, bullying, any kind of addiction, family problems, rellay if you've gone through the worst of life and are still here moving and trying to stay alive, you are strong. That's it. You are strong.

And I know, maybe you feel weak because of all the hurt you feel, but you are one of the strongest. No buts, ands, or ors. You are strong.

"But, I, I cried this morning." You're still strong.

Pinky Promise.

Did you know that the God of the universe, who sent His Son to die for us and He rose again, that lives inside of us. So, you aren't just strong. You are stronger than strong. You have everything you need to keep going. You have everything you need to stay strong. You have everything you need to play on.

You have God. 

Let Him be your strength.

Love that you are strong and know it's okay to be weak, because God is our strength.

"The Lord God is my strength..." Habkkuk 3:19 

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