Be You. Stand Up For You.

So, I wasn't planning on having a #SelfLoveSaturday up. But, I needed to write this.

First, I do want to mention, I am not a feminist, I just believe in certain things that they stand for are wrong. I am a women but, I am a believer in Christ first. So, I want to say that this is coming from the heart. Second, I have never been raped or touched inappropriately and my heart goes out to anyone who has. These are things that have happened to me and I'm tired of hearing it's the victims fault because of what she/he was wearing or doing.

So. Here it goes.

In high school, I did not like my body, I would do anything to cover it up. Dress that goes to my knees? Leggings. Tight shirt? Oh no. Shorts that go above my knee? Nope! But, guess what? I still got cat called by boys. It still happens. I wore cowgirl boots to school, I got cat called. Basically feeling, I can not be myself without feeling wrong because I am making someone fall into sin by looking at me. 

In high school, in an english class, a boy put his arms around me, touched my leg, and pulled out condoms. I never said a word, because I was already ashamed of who I was as a person. But, I did not have too.

Taylor Swift had someone grab her butt in a meet and greet and he lost his job. No, I don't know the whole story and I'm not here to tell it. But, I saw a lot of things saying she deserved it because of the things she wears. Well, she was wearing a dress when it happened that looked very modest. 

But, I do have news for you all who thinks girls who wear shorts, crop tops, dresses, or anything that is not a t-shirt and jeans isn't modest, that's all there is at stores. Unless, we want something that is going to make us look like we are wearing something that is twice our size, we can't help it. I can say, I do wear crop tops and I try to make it look modest. But, I am not in high school anymore and I do have the confidence I didn't have back then. I do wear tank tops when it's hot and high waisted shorts. I do own dresses that are above my knee when I wear them, and that's okay. My style is my own and I shouldn't have to be afraid to walk out of my home without a pepper spray. Or afraid that I will be cat called.

But, it happens. And it's not because of what I wear. It's not because when guys look at me they think I'm asking for it. 

Like I said in a few blogs before this, sex is a gift from God, but we abuse it. All of us. And some people rape others and look at others to get whatever they need. We all have sin. It's a fact. We have a sinful nature. But, do not blame what the victom wears, because it's not our fault.

We were not asking for it because we wore a crop top and shorts because it's really hot outside. 

By the way, a few months ago when I was followed at the park, I was wearing a sweatshirt and sweats. It happens. And it's scary.

"But why do you judge your brother? Or why

do you show contempt for your brother? For

we shall all stand before the judgement seat of


Romans 14:10

Side note: there is enough grace for everyone. But, I do believe you should not judge any of these situations unless you know the persons heart and actions. It is not up to you to say who's fault it was. God knows. 

For anyone who read this and has had something happen to them and was told it was your fault, it wasn't. Continue being who you are. Chase Jesus. Chase freedom. And continue to love exactly who you are, because that is who Jesus loves. He died for who you are, He just wants to see you continue to grow in Him.

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