What Are You Running Too?


Happy #SelfLoveSaturday friends! 

Let me ask you a question. A question that might sting. It might make you think. What if what you are running to, to make you feel a little better, is what is hurting you?

What is it? What are you running too?

Can I let you in on a secret?

The thing that I ran too? Being alone. Isolating myself.

Locking myself in my room to cry and look at instagram or porn all night. And that right there is the truth. 


And let me say this, being alone isn't a bad thing. But, I loved being alone when my depression and anxiety were at its highs. So, when I left my room, I was fake. I had to be happy. I felt like I could only be sad alone. Being alone was my safe place. When, in reality I had so many believers around me that would have helped me, including my parents.

So, where is your 'safe place.' And is it really a safe place. 

Is it drugs? Because, the high does come down. Is it porn? Is it sex? Is it realtionships? What is it. Be honest with yourself. Is the thing you are trying to make yourself happy with, is that the thing that is actually killing you? 

Make Jesus your hiding place. Make Jesus your safe place. Run to Jesus.

Right now, decide. Will you pray instead of doing drugs? Will you open your Bible instead of opening instagram? Jesus deserves more attention. Jesus wants to help us, not kill us. And sometimes, if we told the truth, we think He is going to hurt us. When the reality is, He just wants to love us. 

Friends, where ever your hiding place is. What ever you are running too, turn around. God's arms are wide open, waiting for you. 

"What you run too could run you." -Pastor Steven Furtick.

Friends, I pray for you today. I pray you see the beauty in yourself and instead of hurting yourself you start making a beautiful change and run to Jesus. Your life may be changed, but what is better. Killing your life with addictions, or giving your life away to have a new life? 

Jesus loves you and He only wants to give you new life through Him.

Show yourself some love today, run to Jesus. 

"Deliver me, O Lord, from my enemies. In You I take shelter." Psalm 143:9

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