God Is So In Love With You

Hi Friend!

Happy, #SelfLoveSaturday!

This past week on the radio I was reminded of just how much God loves us. 

"If you are here in this world, God loves you. You were created so that God can love you." Think about that.

Everything God created has a meaning. Everything He created has a purpose. He didn't create us because He got bored. He could have created anything, but He created a world for us to live in and He created us. I honestly can not wrap my head around it. God created us for His love.

He created the trees for shade. Animals for just, a part of our joy. Food so we can eat. And people, so we might be able to experience the love He has for us. Isn't that crazy?

You are so loved, friend. So loved. 

I pray for you today that you understand just how much God loves you. Stop using hateful words towards you, when the God of the universe loves you. 

"And the scripture was fullfilled that says,

"Abraham believed God, and it was created to

Him as righteousness," and he was called

God's friend."

James 2:23

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