National Suicide Prevention Day // 2017


Hi Friend! Happy #SelfLoveSaturday and National Suicide Prevention Day Eve!

Tomorrow is very important to me, as most of you who follow my blog know, I have struggled with suicide thoughts. Suicide is a big thing and it is causing so many deaths today. I want you all to know how important and valued you are. I am always here for you. Your family is always here for you. Your friends are always here for you. 

Here are some reminders for you all,

1. You are loved. You are. Never think for a moment you are not loved. Someone died for you. 

2. You are going to do something amazing. You are going somewhere. Never think for a moment you won't do something amazing. Because you will.

3. Your stress, your anxiety, your depression, doesn't measure up to how many people love you.

4. The person who was mean to you, doesn't measure up to how many people think you're beautiful and adore you.

5. God loves you and has such big plans for you.


I hope you know how loved you are. I can't tell you enough.

And I am in love with To Write Love On Her Arms, so

I was made to be a servant of Christ and follow Him. I was also made to create PlayOnInfinity in hopes to encourage and love other people who struggle. I was also made to be a daughter, sister, granddaughter, and friend. I was made to change the world and make it a better place. What were you made for?

I have been giving shout outs every blog for people who support me and share my blog with all their friends! Today's shout out goes to my good friend who is just a light in this world, Theresa! God follow her blog!

Thank you for reading this and make sure to send this off to a friend! // The link below you will find my social medias, how to give, where to buy pretty things to the place I'm a rep for, my YouTube channel, and a way to get text messages from me!