No Matter What // You Are Blessed

So, you don't have the next big thing. Maybe, you still have the flip phone. Maybe you have a smart phone, but it's a horrible one.

Maybe you're watching TV on a microwave when your neighbor is watching TV on a movie screen.

Maybe you don't have a puppy and al you have is sadness because you don't feel blessed.

Here I am to remind you, that it's okay. It's okay. Sometimes I feel like that and I know so many other people do too. But, here, I'll name some of the things I have, maybe you have these too.




Do you have at least one of those? Do you two, or maybe all three? You are blessed. I know, it's crazy.


We live in a world right now that is constantly on a phone and constantly waiting for the next big thing. Take a step back and realize, those things could break. But, God, family, friends? That will never break. God is constant. Family will always have your back. You can always share your secrets with the best of friends. Don't forget that.

You woke up today. You are blessed. No matter what, you have God. You are blessed.

Happy #SelfLoveSaturday

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