Brianna Nicole  


Story Behind PlayOnInfinity

Hi! My name is Brianna Nicole!

I started this blog in 2017 in hope to encourage people to Play On and to find Jesus in their struggles. My dream is to write books about all my struggles and to reach out to those who are hurting. 

I have been a believer of Jesus for my whole life. I struggled with being bullied in school, but I always tried to ignore it. Once I got in middle school, I started becoming friends who were really mean to me. In high school, I decided to become a loner. 

During all this time, I was secretly struggling with a porn addiction. It was one of the hardest things. With all of that going on, around my sophmore year of high school I got really depressed. I ended up leaving God and not wanting anything to do with Him. 

I started cutting and skipping meals, because I just didn't like myself. All of these habits that I started picking up were really hard to break. 

All of this continued for the rest of my high school experience and into my second year of college. 

I really wanted to kill myself, but in reality was to afraid too. 

One night I really wanted to end it, I opened up my Bible to Job 3, where it talks about Job losing literally everything. Job is cursing his life, but that's not where it stops. Job 5:17-18 says, "Behold happy is the man who God corrects; so do not despise the chasting of the almighty, for He bruises, but He binds up; He wounds, but His hands make whole."

That day was not the day I gave my back life to Christ, in fact it was about two years later. But, I held dear to that verse. On Febuary 13th 2015, I gave my life back to Christ. I also broke up with my cutting addiction and my eating disorder, but my porn addiction was a hard thing to crack. 

I struggled for three years after that with my porn addiction, my anxiety, and my depression. Although, I was not cutting or skipping meals, I still struggled with the temptaions.

I recently got baptized again as a symbol of putting all my shame to rest. Saying goodbye to my porn addiction, my self harm, my eating disorder, my depression, and my anxiety, fully. Because I believe God can and will heal all of it 100%. 

I am currently 3 years clean from self harm and my eating disorder. And I am currently 6 months clean from my porn addiction. 


I am currently living in Nashville. I am from California and I moved to Nashville June 2017. 

Currently my goals of PlayOnInfinity is to write my story and to encourage others to find and love God through their struggles.

God is on the move.

You can find me on social media as: briannanicollle 


Brianna Nicole