Find Your Thing.


I don't know about you, but do you ever get those moments where you have these feelings you can't describe to anyone, because they just won't understand?

When I was in high school, I was in color guard. I was in color guard for a really long time in fact, middle school through high school. It's funny how I got into it, Ijust missed the drill team try out and my best friend at the time got mad at me. But, missing the drill team try out so I can try out for the "lame flag thing" was the best mistake I ever made. 

But anyways, there was this feeling I got after getting a toss that I have been practicing for weeks. It was the best feeling. So much joy and freedom all mixed together. When high school ended, I never thought I would feel that again. Color guard, it was my thing, my passion, the only thing I was good at. Which, is still kinda true. I say kinda, because God has shown me, I have many talents. But, color guard is still important to me.

This feeling though. I felt it again. I felt it when I finally got to the top of a really hard climb. But, I get it when I write. I get it when I find out something new about God. And I never noticed that. 

This feeling, it gets you excited. It encourages you to keep going. Because, you are in love with this thing and it is your passion. And sadly, sometimes we can't do it for a living. But, you just wish you could. 

I want to encourage you today. That whatever it is that makes you excited. Whatever makes your heart skip a beat. Do it. Chase that dream. Face your fears. God has given you some amazing talents. Don't let them go to waste. 

Whatever God has given you, use it. Use it to glorify His name, friend. 

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