Yay for bonus posts! Might be a lot this week, for a few reasons, this blog is a blog and this is a the first official week it's up. Also, God is just speking to me, and what happens when God speaks to me? I really want to share it, so, here we go.

I don't even think I could tell you what worship means to me exactly. Today at church we talked about worship and how good it is to worship. 

Any kind of music can speak to me. I don't understand what people say half of the time and I can kind of remember things that I was supposed to remember. But, songs? I know exactly what they are saying and I can remember lyrics from songs that I haven't heard in five years. Music has always been something I love.

About, six years ago, 'Mighty To Save,' was the worship sng being played at church that Sunday. It was the first time I stood up and worshiped in front of people. It was the first time I wasn't afraid to worship in front of people. So, not only do I feel really connected to any song, but worship is a huge part with my relationship with Christ. 

I pray. Not as much as I should. But, I do pray. I read my Bible. I try not to get bored.... I listen to pastors and sermons. I try really hard not to fall asleep. But, worship. Worship is something that I feel so close to God during. I mean, worship. I can freely worship God. I can stand and completly surrender myself over to Him. I can stand in awe of Him. I can kneel before Him. I can stand and cry because of the words I hear. I can sing to my God knowing He is listening. I get so excited about a time of worship. Because, one day, in Heaven, I will be able to worship my God face to face. I can't get over that. I am so in love with my God.

Worship to me, seeing and hearing people sing for God. Seeing and hearing people lift God's name higher. All of this gets me so excited. It's just a glimpse of Heaven.

So, to inspire you all to listen to worship music and take some time to worship, I'm going to list some of my favorite worship artists for you. 

-David Crowder. Let me repeat this one. David Crowder. Okay. I think you get it.

-Colton Dixon. If you are looking for rock and roll lets go out and tell the world about God, Colon Dixon is the guy to listen too.

-Bethel Music. Specifically, 'Forever and a Day.'

-Casting Crowns.

-Hillary Scott and The Scott Family. Their. Album. Go now and listen.

-Hillsong. I mean, no suprise there. It's Hillsong.

-Jeremy Camp. Because... Jeremy Camp.

-MercyMe. They have been my favorite band since I was like 5.

-Fresh Life Worship. Just got into them, thanks to Levi Lusko the pastor of Fresh Life, but they are so good. So. Good.

-Jesus Culture. Yes.

Annnnnd this can go on for hours. So, I'll leave it there. Stand up. Surrender yourself. Kneel. Worship the Lord tonight. He loves you. And that is a beautiful thing.

Also, I encourage you all to listen to worship music on the way to work or school. It takes the stress off of you. It's good for me. Because I can get stressed, and sometimes, Carrie Underwood on the radio does not help. A little Jesus will.