Jesus & Depression & Anxiety

Let me take you into my mind.

Jesus says, do not fear. Yet, here I am fearing every little thing. Jesus came and dies for me to tell me He loves me, but here I am wondering if I'll ever be loved.

I know the truth. I worship my God. I know He's bigger than any war inside. So, what am I doing crying at three in the morning? Everything is dark, yet the light of the world lives inside of me. Everything is scary, yet the man who walked on water lives in me.

I cry. I yell. I yell to God because I don't understand. But, I do understand this will make me stronger. This fight. I know what is right.

But, my head keeps repeating these things. When will it end. People are killing themselves to make it stop. I refuse. I refuse to let satan win this war. he can sit back and laugh when I'm crying at three in the morning, but what will he do when I'm in Heaven one day? I'll keep chasing what is right. The light in my darkness. The hope in my hopelessness. The love for my broken heart.

So, please. Chase the light in the darkness. Chase the hope in the hopelessness. Chase the love for your broken heart. God has all that you need. He will heal your brokenness and help you through your depression and anxiety. One day, this fight will be over for us. Keep going friends.

"For in You, O Lord, I hope; You will hear, O Lord my God." Psalm 38:15