Dear Parents

Dear Parents,


I can't thank God enough for giving me to you guys. You are both such a blesing to me. 


I'm sorry that I once used to hurt your little girl, and sometimes still have a habit of saying really mean things to her. I'm sorry I lie to you both sometimes and sometimes well, I am a brat. I'm sorry I can be spoiled and lazy at times and really grumpy and mean to you both. But, although I get like tht sometimes, know that I am so thankful for you both. 

Mom, thank you for all those days after school helping me with my math homework. Thank you for always being there when I need a hug. Thank you for noticing my scars on my arm and for making sure I get the help I needed. Thank you for knowing every thing before I told you because, sometimes it can be hard. Thank you for giving me your beuty and your heart. Thank you for being my mommy. 

Dad, thank you for giving me the love for country music, concerts, and being crazy about celebrities. Thank you for making me strong and the ability to take whatever people give me. Thank you for teaching me to be myself, no matter how Carrie Underwood obsessed I am. Thank you for showing me what commitment to a sport is. Thank you for giving me my good looks and for always making me smile. 

Thank you both for giviving me the love I have for Jesus. Thank you for taking me to church and for talking to me about our Savior. Thank you for being my biggest supporters. 

Thank you for showing me a love that I want to have. Thank you for being such Godly parents and showing me the kind of love I want. Thank you for being such insprirations with a relationship I want. You guys have been married for 25 years and are still so in love. Thank you for showing me that love.



You raised me to be strong and independent, and I hope you both know that no matter how far I go, I'll always need you both. You have blessed me in so many ways. I'll always be your little girl.