Dear Internet Friends

Dear Internet Friends, 

I don't know what conversation started our friendship. I'm not sure what social media site we met on. I'm not sure how we even became so close. 

But, I'm so thankful for you. I'm so thankful for what obsession brought us together and I can't wait until I get to meet you.

I'm sorry I'm a terrible texter.

I'm sorry I hate talking on the phone.

I'm sorry for getting awkward when we FaceTime.

I'm sorry for not being more intrested in your life, I promise I am, but like I said, I'm a terrible texter. 

I'm sorry we aren't closer together when you're having a hard night. I wish I could be there right by your side telling you it'll be okay. 

But, thank you for always being on my side.

Thank you for listening to me when I feel like I have no one. 

Thank you for never judging me.

Thank you for having the same crazy obsessions as me.

Thank you for telling me to watch crazy emotional TV shows like Grey's Anatomy. (#help) Not to mention Glee and Gilmore Girl's... (Luke's Diner, love you girls xoxo, Emily Gilmore) 

Thank you for putting me in a group chat where I have met some of the most amazing people and best friends.

Every one of my internet friends, you have completly changed my life. You have showed me grace, love, kindness, and friendship. You have showed me it's okay to be myself. I don't think I could have made it this far without you. 

I can tell you anything, heck. I've told you everything, boy problems, drama, life, school, and you have never once judged me. You talked me through it and listened to Carrie Underwood with me. 

If you have an internet firnd, you are lucky. I am blessed to have so many amazing ones who are forever by my side. I'm forever on your side. 

I promise. 


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