God Will Always Provide

Hi! It's been forever and a day. Because, I moved! 

And before I start this whole spill, I can tell you I did have doubts about my whole dream of moving to Nashville, let's see. 

"Will I really survive?"

"Can I even get down there without dying or going crazy?"

"This is nuts, I should just give up."

But, let me tell you, God's plan and timing > your doubts.

This last crazy week, was me driving across the country, meet my roommate, get everything moved into my apartment, and say goodbye to my parents. It's been crazy and I needed to put my whole trust in Christ. Do you know how hard that is? I can barely do that when I'm taking a test... And I know there is a 99.9% I am not alone on this.

It is hard to trust Gods plan. 

I can tell you moving to Nashville has always been a dream of mine. A lot of planning went in to it, and I still freaked out for the most part. 

But, God provides. And He always will.

Let me tell you why.

My 15 year old car survived a trip from California to Tennessee.

The move in to the aoartment went really well.

My parents supplied me with so much for my very first apartment.

I had two interviews this week for jobs and got offered both jobs.

The last one. I honestly didn't think I would find a job until August... Or I was all out of money. But, there. Right there. If it's God's plan, He will provide. 

Sunday, June 18th, I listened to something Steven Furtick said and it helped me and reminded me of God's greatness, "The sign that you're in the right place, is that I will provide where ever I position you." God will provide, in hurt, brokenness, losing a job, economy problems, He will provide. And I can clearly see that.

So, here is some hope for you today, what ever you are going through, God will provide. 


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The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me.
Lord, your faithful love endures forever;
do not abandon the work of your hands. // Psalms 138:8