Dear Friend

Hi, I have something to share. I shared this on my Instagram the other week, and also my YouTube. This is something that I want to start being more open about because, this is a sin that is so common today. We have Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Movies, TV Shows, we are just one click or step away from this sin. 


I was addicted to watching porn.

I was exposed to sex at a really young age and of course, just flipping through the TV shows, and there it was. Of course, this confused little girl did not want to tell anyone what she just saw. She also thought she would just forget about it. But, she didn't.

I started fantisying and watching things I never should have clicked on. Some of the images are stuck in my brain. Some of it is just hard to get rid of.

But, I want to share some scary things. Any sexual sin, it will kill you. Levi Lusko is one of my favorite pastors and his book "Swipe Right," has a lot of good things in it. One of my favorite things he said was, sex outside of marrige isn't just a sin against God, but also yourself. A part of you leaves. A part of you is different. A part of you is hurt. It's hard to get rid of. 

"Having a sex drive, isn't the problem, allowing sex to drive is the problem." -Levi Lusko

We all desire sex in one way or another. If we're straight, or if we are gay. Everyone desires sex. It's a gift from God. We are human, but we abuse it. Porn, sex outside of marrige, same sex (I promise, I love all of you, and I will never judge you and God is fighting for you, my job is to share Christ's love), we abuse sex. We take it all for ourselves. When it's purpose is to be in a marrige between a man and a women. 

Any kind of sex sin addiction is hard to crack. satan knows how to get to us. Movies, TV shows, YouTube, Instagram, it's all over the place. 

So, I have some advice. Talk to someone. Get help, it will kill you. It will hurt you.

I have some special advice to all my ladies out there. You are not alone. Never. I know when pastors talk about this sin, they talk to the men. I hear it. "Men be careful, come to this event." I get it. You feel ashamed because maybe, you feel more wrong. But, you aren't alone. I am here for you. Talk to someone.

People will love you for who you are. I can't tell you how much support I have gotten after posting this is Instagram. It'll be okay. And if someone turns on you, guess what. They don't know how great God's grace is. Because God will never turn His back on you.

He's fighting for you.

Wait for the one. Pray for them. Start praying for them. 

For those who are asking, I'm not perfect and I stumble. But, I'm okay. I don't watch movies that often, unless thier Disney or Godly related. I also try not to watch TV shows with crazy things and I'm very careful on any social medias. I have to discipline myself. I encourage you too. What sounds better, missing a weekend with your friends because their seeing a movie with sex, or spending the next month trying to erase what you saw in the movie?

Sexual sin is hard. But, God is powerful and He is fighting for us all. 

He has grace for you. 

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