The Rock On Which I Stand


So, I did something.

I started going to the gym. But, not just any old clasic gym, a rock climbing gym. And let me tell you, it is pretty crazy.

First, I am terrified of heights. Like, really scared. But, I am getting really excited to to start getting over this fear and trying new things.

Second, I have no upper arm strength whats so ever. I mean, I used to because of color guard, but I have not spun any equipment in so long. So, my arms are feeling... well... good...

But, here I am telling you all I am trying new things and getting over my fears. I want to encourage you all to get over your fears. 

You know what fear does? It causes you to have faith. God is a rock. He won't move and He won't hurt you. He won't play games with your hert and if He tells you to go for something, go for it. Don't let what your fear is telling you stop you from doing something amazing. 

You are amazing.

You want to know the main thing why people aren't speaking boldly and spreading God's love? Fear. Fear of not being cool or being of being an outcast. Don't be scared. God is a rock. He won't move and He is always with you.

I feel like rock climbing is really making me think about trust and faith and how important it is when we are believers. If I don't have trust in the rope, than I won't climb because I will probably fall on my face. If I don't have faith in myself that I can do a move on the wall, than I'll fall and if I don't trust my fall, than I'll probably be glued to the wall.

So, try something new. Go tell your friends about Jesus. Go move. Fear has no control over you, faith is everything and will always win fear. 

Let God move through you.

Go. Be you. Be fearless.

I have been giving shout outs every blog and this week it goes to a sweet soul, Ally! She is such  a sweet friend and I love her bunches! She has a blog and you should read it!

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