God Knew


God knew.

He knew the first time I was going to look up porn.

He knew the first time I would cut myself.

He knew the first time I would skip a meal.

He knew the first time I would hurt someone and make them feel bad for who they are.

He knew that I would have anxiety and depression.

He knew that I would make friends who would bring me down.

He knew that I would have idols.

He knew all my sins, before I was tempted. But, He didn't stop them from happenening. I think that's our question all the time. Is why didn't God stop it, we wouldn't have our pain. It makes since. If God is good, why didn't He stop our sin?

God, He is a God of love. He doesn't make us love Him. It's our choice. Our sin hurts us, and breaks His heart. But, He isn't going to stand in the way. He will let us decide. But, He knew.

I want to shine a light on this though.

He knew that I would be open to talk about ladies struggling with pornography.

He knew that I would one day encourage someone struggling with self harm.

He knew that my body would heal and I would become healthy.

He knew that I would learn from what I did wrong and I would never want to hurt someone again.

He knew that my anxiety and depression would move me to create PlayOnInfinity.

He knew that one day I would see what friends I had and that I would get strength from Him to find better friends. 

He knew that my idols would become nothing to me, and He would become everything to me.

He knows what sin and pain we go through before we go through it, but He also knows how He is going to use that very thing to bring us closer to Him. We have a powerful story because of the things we have been through. They weren't fun. But, when we struggle, we see the beauty of God more and more. 

See your story. See why God didn't stop you. See His never ending love for you. 

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