"New Year, New Me."

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It's January 2nd. The second day of 2018. 

So, let me guess, you passed by a fast food place and gt some so you failed right? 

After reading several "New Year, New Me" posts, I'm sure you made one too and everything you wrote, you either didn't mean, or you failed. It's always so stressful to start a new year, or even a new day with an attitude like that. Even if it's positive, you want to change to better you. But, it can be stressful.

So, I really hope you are staying on your diet, like I'm trying too... But, I do want to give you some encouragement. 

When we accept Christ into our life, we are a new person. We may not look any different, but we are a new creation. And sadly, sometimes the next day doesn't change. We may fall back into our old sins again. But, that doesn't change who we are, who we bacame. We are still forgiven. Now, we may just have a gut feeling that we did something really wrong. 

So, just because the first day of the year, you messed up already, it doesn't reflect who you are or how the rest of the year will go. I always have to remind myself that, everytime I slip up, taht mistake is not me. Just like the mistakes you make are not you.

So, with all this "New Year, New Me" going around, let's remember that we do not need to stress out over New Years Resolutions, and instead we can fall into God's grace that will be there day after day. 

So, this year, remember to breathe. Rember to take it day by day. Remember to love others, love yourself, and most importantly love Jesus.

You are so loved, and 2017 does not define who you are. Move forward, friend. 


Thank you so much for reaading this! I took a little break from blogging, but I'm back! I pray 2018 is a good year for you, always here to pray and to love you.

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