God's Love


The past few days, or the past week, God has just been challenging me. 

First, in 2018 my biggest goal is to read the whole Bible all the way through, let's just say in the past week I have read 29 chapters. I don't like to read. But, It has been teaching me a lot. 

Second, something that I have been doing is getting really into my worship music in the morning. And I mean getting up and having a dance party in the morning. Just because, God's grace is amzing and worth dancing about, am I right?

And lastly, I spoke about the porn addiction I once had. And I've spoke about it before in 2017, but this time, I did it without fear. Because in all honestly, people can think what they want to think, but God will always see me as loved.

Friends, this blog post isn't about how great my life is right now. It's about how much God loves you. 

Like, He loves you with no strings attached. He walks with you in your addictions. When I was stuck in my porn addiction, He looked at me with love and grace. There is nothing that I could have done to stop His love. When He looked at me, He saw Jesus taking the price. 

God is crazy about you. More than you think. It doesn't matter what you have done, or what you will do. He will never stop chasing after you. You are His child. You are His beloved. There is nothing else to it. 

God is love.

He is in love with you, friend.

I posted this on Instagram this past week, a cover of "Oh, How He Loves." Something that I love to do, is change the words. "Oh, how He loves us," to "Oh, how He loves me." Because, wow, He loves His church. But, He loves you. He loves me. 

Try it. See how things change.

He loves you friend. There's nothing else to it. 


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