You Are Confident

So, lately I have been noticing the way I treat things. 

When new things come my way, I either lose confidence or just say I can't do that. But, today my views kind of changed. Like, yes it's hard, new things are always hard. But, since when can I not do something?

Sometimes we say we can't do them becuase we don't want to lose. But, losing isn't a bad thing. It's a learning experience. 

So, today I was at the gym listening to Steven Furtick, because that's how you get more confident in yourself. 

I was reminded that Christ is in me and I am confident. When we are truly walking in freedom knowing who we are in Christ, we can be confident knowing we can do it. 

You are strong. You are smart. You are kind. When God is on your side there is nothing you can't do.

You are so loved, friend.

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