Live Unashamed


Do you really know what unashamed means? It means expressed or acting openly and without guilt or embarressment. Do we live for Christ unashamed? Sometimes, if I'm being honest I do not. 

When I was younger, I wasn't scared. I was fearless. I would dance, I would sing, I would do anything for Christ in public. Then, something changed. I had shame. I had shame from a porn addiction. I had shame from self harm. I had shame from an eating disorder. 

The shame created this hidden girl that was afraid to live for Christ. Because the enemy uses shame for just that. W e are not good enough for Christ and He doesn't want us. 


When that is the complete opposite. 

When we got to Christ, He frees us from our shame. He rids us from our shame. 

When we fully run to Christ, we can feel the freedom to live unashamed. I fully think we should live for Him unashamed. Christ died for us in public, why hide Him in public? 

I don't know how you will do it. For me, it is dancing in public and singing. For me it is acting like a complete crazy person filled with joy. For you maybe, it's speaking about Jesus.

Whatever you do, live unashamed. Don't be afraid to be you. 

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