July 2nd // He Took It All


"Yet He Himself bore our sickness,

and He carried our pains;

but we turn regarded Him stricken,

struck down by God, and afflicted.

But, He was pierced because of our rebellion,

crushed because of our iniquities;

punishment for our peace was on Him,

and we are healed by His wounds."

Isaiah 53:4-5

If you don't get anything out of this today except one thing, I hope it's the words "we are healed by His wounds."

When I was in the middle of my self harm addiction I heard this statement, "Jesus bled for us, so we don't have too." And that is still true today.

This life is hard, God never promised it would be easy, because if it was easy, we wouldn't need God. But, here we are, in need of a Savior to heal all of our wounds.

God so gracefully sends His Son down to die on the cross for us. He just does it, He's nailed onto the cross and just thinks about you. He did that because He loves you so much.

God doesn't want us to have pain, that was not apart of His original plan. But, sin entered the world, and we struggle so much with pain, shame, wounds, addictions, and so much more. Then God sent Jesus and Jesus went to the cross. I don't know what you are going through, but think about a nail going through your hand, your feet. Ouch, right?

That's exactly what Jesus did for us. He did not want us to go through any pain at all, so He took the most pain for us.

God healed our wounds with the blood of Jesus Christ.

Prayer // Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for taking my death. Thank you for making me brand new - white as snow. Because of You, I get to live free. I am healed from my sin because of You. You are good and You will never fail me.