July 3rd // Prayer


"Is anyone among you sick? Let him call

for the elders of the church, and let them pray

over him, anointing him with oil in the name

of the Lord."

James 5:14

Prayer is so important in any kind of sickness. Sometimes it's hard to pray if we are being honest. It's hard to hear a response from God most days. But, I promise He is listening.

Another thing, sometimes His answer will be a no. It's not because He hates us, because I promise you He is in love with us, but sometimes He has to say no, or even not yet. Praying does not automatically give you a yes from God. Just because we prayed to win money, doesn't mean God wants us to have that and that's okay.

I believe I get bitter about prayer and even asking for prayer. I have a church family that I know if I ask for prayer that they just won't go home and pray for me, but right then and there they will pray for me.

The Bible tells us to get prayer from our brothers and sisters in Christ, but we are too ashamed because what we need healing for is too embarrassing or we aren't going through anything "that bad." All of His children need to pray for each other. When one is sick, when one is hurting, the whole body is hurting.  

Please do not be afraid to ask form prayer. It is so valuable. More people coming to agreement with you and going before God asking Him these things.

You are so worth people praying for.

Prayer // Dear Lord Jesus, I am sorry for not trusting you and talking to you. I'm sorry for not telling people when I need prayer. I know it's important and I know prayer is so valuable. I understand that I am apart of the body and when I am hurt, the whole body is hurt. Praying for others is important, as well as asking for prayer. I lift up my friends today. As well as myself. Amen.